“Buggy” for Bugs Behaviour Bulletin Board Set


Buggy Behaviour Bulletin Board Set

Product Description

Make behavior management fun with the adorable “Buggy” for Bugs Behavior Bulletin Board Set! The “Buggy” for Bugs collection features an assortment of colorful little creatures in fresh, contrasting designs and patterns with a splash of vivid colors to keep the classroom fun and engaging.
Bulletin Board Set includes:
Plant container (21.25″ x 9.5″)
6 large leaves with bugs
2 stem pieces
7 text overlays:
Purple: Bug-tastic
Teal: All Aglow
Blue: Flying High
Green: “Buggy” for Learning
Yellow: Time to Turn Over a New Leaf
Orange: Buzzing in the Wrong Direction
Red: No Fly Zone
30 worms
10 plant accents
A teachers resource guide